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 SeaQuipment > logistic services > Road Service

Road Service:
From 1 to 10.000 kilograms, our Road Service assures you of a fast delivery of your shipment and will be done fast and in a reliable way.

No distribution centers nor consolidation. We go "Door to door" for your urgent shipment. In most cases we can have the vehicle at your door within an hour, then, after loading, he drives directly to your final destination. Even in the evening , during the weekend or on holidays. We are constantly in contact with our drivers and keep you informed about any delays.

We tell you the price in advance. This is including all costs also in case of a customs clearance (Excluding duties & taxes).

Standard Properties:
type: door to door
trasport: by car

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JNE Netherlands bv
Contact: Mr. Ben Hofs
Address:Flamingoweg 24
1118 EE
Telephone:+31 (0)20-6532110
Fax:+31 (0)20-3540153

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