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JNE Netherlands bv
Speed is our most important concern. Our couriers will make sure that everything in their power is done to arrange a fast delivery. Even if the destination is a small island in the Caribbean, an oilrig in a Norwegian fjord or a big city such as Hong Kong. We will make sure your shipment is there, next day. Within Europe JNE can deliver same day.
Some examples
Pick-up of DNA-samples in Rotterdam at 11:00. Delivery before 15:00 in the heart of Munich.
Pick-up of telecom equipment (15 kilo’s) in Amsterdam at 21:15. Delivery with an on-board courier the same evening in Limerick (Ireland).
A factory in Lisbon has a standstill on a Saturday night 21:00. The factory urgently needs spare parts (350 kilo’s). JNE will arrange a charter with an on-board courier. Delivery time: 01:15.
Pick-up of oil equipment in Aberdeen at 14:00. Total weight: 178 kilo’s, 7 pieces. Same day delivery in Schoonebeek (Netherlands) at 21:00.
A machine part is available in Rotterdam at 17:00 on a Saturday, delivery next day on board of a ship in the harbour of Singapore.
Oil samples (Dangerous Goods) delivered tonight in Houston.

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