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Kleijweg Design B.V.
Contact: Mr. R. Kleijweg
Address:De Hoek 26
1601 MR
Telephone:+31 (0)228 32 19 19
Fax:+31 (0)228 32 33 97
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Since 1997 Kleijweg Design is active within the Dutch yacht- and shipbuilding industry. From dinghy to chemical tanker we can make a contribution to the design, from feasability study to shipkit; from linesplan to probabilistic damage stability.

At first based in Haarlem, but after half a year moved to the city of Enkhuizen. This beautiful city located on the shores of the former Zuiderzee has a long tradition of shipbuilding and still has a lot of yacht and shipbuilding activity.

The vision of the employer always is the starting-point of the design. This makes every design unique.
The main characteristic of Kleijweg Design is the diversity in the designs. All works are carried out according to the appropriate legislation of the autorities and the known classification societies.

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