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IPP Ingenieur Partner Pool GmbH
Contact: Mr. Berend Pruin
Address:Kajen 6 - 8
Telephone:+49 - 40-707076801
Fax:+49 - 707076809
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The IPP Partner Pool is an alliance of the following renowned German engineering companies:
L&P Ingenieurtechnik GmbH
E-mail: info@lup-ing.de
This alliance is able to provide competitive services to all ship owners and shipyards in Europe and on other continents in view of changing
structures and requirements of the industry. Novel type of tasks as well as highly complex operations can be carried out by the powerful and
comprehensive engineering workforce of IPP.
The alliance can draw from the experience of 150 engineers and specialists to handle any engineering task of the shipbuilding trade including
project management. Today this partnership is Germany's largest and most powerful naval engineering company.
The IPP Partner Pool provides services for the marine industry including marine research organisations and offshore companies. On the basis
of more than 40 years of experience all conceivable engineering and construction services around the ship are offered, with it's propulsion system,
auxiliary machines, deck equipment and outfit, electrical systems, interior design, navigation and communication facilities and integrated
control system.
The expertise of the contributing companies has been gained with the design and engineering of ships and floating structures of all shapes,
sizes and types for shipyards, shipping companies, research agencies, governmental bodies and navies.

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