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Corrosion & Water-Control bv
Contact: Mr. A. te Paske
Address:Herenweg 58
2751 DB
Telephone:+31 - 795931295
Fax:+31 - 795931871
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Prevention of corrosion and fouling
Since metal hulls were introduced to the market, corrosion has become a considerable problem for the nautical world.
Ships (of course) are carefully coated with paint systems to protect the hull from corroding. This protective layer, however, is never one hundred percent effective and is becoming less reliable as time goes by, since the paint system ages and is damaged during use.
Corrosion, however, is not the only influence that requires maintenance. Fouling caused by barnacles, mussels and algae in the cooling system requires additional maintenance, which is invariably associated with increased expenses.
Corrosion & Water-Control provides a number of different systems to meet this challenge. These systems are easily installed and allow completely automatic control. They also lend themselves perfectly to other industrial applications.

Corrosion & Water Control
If and when you decide to acquire a system of Corrosion & Water Control, you will profit in more ways than just full-scale protection. Apart from the
anti-fouling system which guarantees clean cooling systems and the electrolysis system which protects closed water circuits from corroding, we have developed a system to alleviate the consequences of corrosion of the ship’s hull; this is called the ICCP system. This system, due to its unique control program, provides highly reliable operation and is very flexible. The control unit continuously processes a flow of data in order to ensure optimum protection under all conditions. Since Corrosion & Water Control produces the entire system at the company’s own premises, it can easily be customised to the customer’s specifications. 

Apart from the system design and the production of individual parts, Corrosion & Water Control can also install the complete system if required. The company’s experience in this context and the information obtained may be utilised directly for further development of our products.
Our systems lend themselves for use in seagoing ships as well as inland shipping. In addition, they are also used, for instance, to protect water tanks and filter installations.
Due to our extensive experience, we can advise you about the best possible solution in your struggle against corrosion or fouling.


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