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Contact: Mr. Trond Paulsen
Address:P.O. Box 144
Telephone:+47 53 46 47 50
Fax:+47 53 46 47 51
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The company's basic business idea is that honest feedback from our clients is both important and to be appreciated. In return, we make sure that our clients benefit from our acccumulated expertise.  
Our network of offices and agents enables us to stay in close contact with the market and our clients. Noreq's head office is located at Husnes on the west coast of Norway, and we have branch offices in Europe, Asia and in the USA. Our employees have many years of experience from the maritime industry. Their high competence is dervived from a keen interest in all aspects of the maritime industry built up over more than 40 years. That is why we know exactly what qualities are expected of equipment that is to be used on board ships and in the offshore industry, often under harsh conditions. Noreq's most important guiding principle is therefore close follow-up of clients. Only then can we ensure the necessary optimisation of the equipment, and gain the best possible understanding of how our equipment and proucts can be improved. 
As regards prototyping and design, Noreq's products are developed in Norway, while the actual manufacturing takes place at other farbrication facilities in accordance with international quality standards, thus ensuring the highest quality.

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